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Hearing Melodies with a Simple Blow

I really wonder how I would feel if my sense of hearing is lost. That would be seriously daunting, I guess. No one would ever want to live a life with no ability to hear. Life would then seem to be useless and very boring. With all those different instruments to play around, and the […]

Easy Carriage of Bikes with SUV Bike Racks

Bikes are very common especially when you have kids, and grownups also love the pleasure of biking not just to fill the leisure time but to stay fit as well. But now, a lot of other vehicles flood the streets that push the presence of bikes somewhere in the garage. I used to ride the […]

Relieve Stress By Listening to Music

Stereos and components are one of the most common appliances found at home. Well, I own two of them and really good companions to fight off boredom and relieve stress as well. As I was looking at our 2 year old entertainment system, something’s missing! Then, it hit me! Missing are the standsandmounts stereo stands […]

Be in Style During Winter Season!

Days and nights are passing along quickly. We could even notice that seasons are changing so fast. So, here we are now, experiencing the cool breeze of winter and embracing the cold wind all throughout the day. To lessen the coldness that we feel, fur vests are ideal for this season because it’s multipurpose. Aside […]

Bonakid Choco Boost and Cartoon Network Team-Up

Bonakid Choco Boost, a chocolate milk brand by Wyeth, has teamed up with Cartoon Network to bring Adventure Time to life with an amazing tour sure to excite school children around the metro until the middle of August. Adventure Time is one of the TV network’s most popular and engaging programs suited for active grade […]

Jessica Sanchez – Newest Glee Member!

It was just a buzz a few months ago and now confirmed – Jessica Sanchez will be joining the hit Glee musical series! Should I jump for joy or fear that what happened to Charice Pempengco, will happen to Jessica? Well, hope not coz that would totally ruin the Pinoys mood and once again Twitter […]

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Reunited?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Kristen’s cheating stint with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. The embarrassment she brought to Robert, the director’s wife and their families. It was like the dark times for Stewart which prompted her to stop talking to media, though seen in the public. It was truly humiliating, […]

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 (Spoiler)

I haven’t fully recovered yet from last season’s plane crash finale. I was in shock and yes, in tears also, when “Little Grey” (Chyler Leigh) suffered and died. She was one of my favourites and I was always intrigued at how great her memory was. Well, not coz she had a photographic memory, but that […]

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